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The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is one of the most popular mixed martial arts promotions in the world. Since its inception in 1993, the UFC has grown exponentially, attracting millions of fans worldwide. One of the most common questions among UFC fans is how many events the promotion holds each year.

The number of UFC events per year varies depending on the year. In 2020, for example, the promotion held 41 events, while in 2021, it held 43 events. The number of events has been steadily increasing over the years, with the promotion holding an average of 35 events per year over the last five years.

While the number of events per year may seem high, it’s important to note that not all events are created equal. The UFC typically holds several different types of events, including pay-per-view (PPV) events, Fight Night events, and UFC on ESPN events. PPV events are the most high-profile and typically feature the biggest names in the sport, while Fight Night events are usually held on free-to-air TV and feature up-and-coming fighters. UFC on ESPN events are broadcast on ESPN and typically feature a mix of established and up-and-coming fighters.

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How many UFC events per year are there?

The UFC has been growing in popularity over the years, and with that growth comes an increase in the number of events held each year. The number of events varies from year to year, but on average, the UFC holds around 40 events per year.

According to Statista, in 2021, there were a total of 43 UFC events held around the world. This is a slight increase from the previous year, where there were 41 events held in 2020.

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It’s worth noting that the number of events held each year can be affected by various factors, such as injuries to fighters, scheduling conflicts, and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. However, the UFC has been able to adapt to these challenges and continue to provide fans with high-quality events.

Below is a table showing the number of UFC events held each year from 2012 to 2021:

YearNumber of Events

As you can see from the table, the number of events held each year has been fairly consistent over the past decade, with the exception of 2014, where there was a significant increase in the number of events held.

Current UFC Event Schedule

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is a mixed martial arts promotion based in the United States that holds several events per year. UFC’s first event, UFC 1, took place on November 12, 1993. Since then, the promotion has grown in popularity, and its events are now watched by millions of people around the world.

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As of March 2023, there are currently 40 UFC events scheduled for the year. These events are held in various locations around the world, including the United States, Canada, Brazil, and the United Arab Emirates. The events are typically held on Saturdays and are broadcasted on various platforms, including ESPN and UFC’s own streaming service, UFC Fight Pass.

Each UFC event contains several fights. Traditionally, every event starts off with a preliminary card followed by a main card, with the last fight being known as the main event. The main event is usually a highly anticipated fight between two well-known fighters, and it often determines the winner of a championship belt in a particular weight class.

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UFC events are known for their high production value, and they often feature elaborate entrances, pyrotechnics, and other special effects. The events also attract celebrities and other high-profile individuals, who are often seen sitting in the front row.

Overall, the UFC is a major player in the world of combat sports, and its events are eagerly anticipated by fans around the world. With 40 events currently scheduled for 2023, there is no shortage of action for fans of mixed martial arts.

Factors Affecting UFC Event Schedule

Fighter Availability

The availability of fighters is a significant factor in determining the UFC event schedule. Injuries, personal reasons, and contract negotiations can prevent fighters from competing in scheduled events. The UFC needs to ensure that there are enough fighters available to fill the card and provide an exciting event for fans. The UFC also needs to consider the popularity of the fighters and their drawing power when scheduling events.

Broadcasting Deals

The UFC has broadcasting deals with various networks, including ESPN and Fox Sports. These deals affect the scheduling of events as the UFC needs to ensure that it can provide enough content to meet the contract requirements. The broadcasting deals also determine the timing and location of events, as the UFC needs to cater to the different time zones and audiences of the networks.

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COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted the UFC event schedule. The UFC had to cancel several events in 2020 due to the pandemic, and it had to hold events without fans in attendance. The pandemic also affected the training and availability of fighters, as many gyms and training facilities were closed. The UFC had to adjust its schedule and location to comply with COVID-19 protocols and ensure the safety of fighters and staff.

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In conclusion, the UFC event schedule is affected by various factors, including fighter availability, broadcasting deals, and the COVID-19 pandemic. The UFC needs to balance these factors to provide the best possible events for fans while meeting its contractual obligations.

Future of UFC Event Schedule

Potential Changes

As of now, the UFC typically holds around 40 events per year, including pay-per-view events, Fight Nights, and other special events. However, there have been talks of potentially increasing the number of events in the future. UFC President Dana White has stated that they are always looking to expand and grow the sport, and adding more events could be a way to do so.

Another potential change could be the addition of more international events. The UFC has already made significant strides in expanding globally, with events held in countries such as China, Brazil, and the United Arab Emirates. However, there are still many untapped markets, and adding more international events could be a way to continue to grow the sport.


While there have been talks of potential changes to the UFC event schedule, nothing has been confirmed as of yet. Some fans and analysts have speculated about what these changes could look like, however.

  • Some have suggested that the UFC could add more events to the schedule, potentially reaching 50 or even 60 events per year.
  • Others have speculated that the UFC could move away from the traditional pay-per-view model and instead focus on streaming and digital distribution.
  • There has also been talk of the UFC potentially adding new weight classes or divisions, which could lead to more events and opportunities for fighters.

While these are all just speculations at this point, it will be interesting to see how the UFC event schedule evolves in the coming years.

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How Many UFC Events Per Year Are There? | HeavyMMA? ›

They have steadily hovered around 40 events per year since reaching that marker.

How many events does UFC have a year? ›

They have steadily hovered around 40 events per year since reaching that marker.

How many events are there in UFC? ›

As of UFC Fight Night: Song vs. Simón, which took place on April 29, 2023, there have been 645 UFC events held in 165 cities in 29 countries.

Where do most UFC events happen? ›

Las Vegas, Nevada is one of the most iconic venues for Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) matches. The city has a long history with gambling and entertainment, making it the perfect place for the high-energy and often brutal sport of mixed martial arts.

How many UFC pay per views in a year? ›

This year the UFC will have put on 16 pay-per-views. Last year there were 15.

Does UFC Fight Night cost money? ›

ESPN+ has around 40 live UFC events per year, including UFC Fight Night and UFC PPV events. Typically, there's at least one PPV event per month, with two or three Fight Nights leading up to it. Every Fight Night comes with your ESPN+ subscription, while PPV events cost an additional $79.99 per event.

How much does Bruce Buffer make a year? ›

Bruce Anthony Buffer, otherwise known as the 'Veteran Voice of the Octagon, is an American professional mixed martial arts ring announcer and the official announcer for UFC.
Bruce Buffer Net Worth.
NameBruce Anthony Buffer
Salary$50,000-$100,000 per event
Last Updated2023
2 more rows
Jan 2, 2023

How often are UFC games? ›

UFC 5 release date speculation

Yet if it will be based on the timeline of EA Sports UFC releases, it is likely that UFC 5 will be available in 2022 as to date UFC games have been released every two years. You only need to look at past releases to see the pattern: EA Sports UFC: Released 17 June 2014.

What percentage of UFC fights go to decision? ›

Average Fight Duration

On the other hand, you might expect heavyweights to have the shortest fight time, but this honor is held by the 205 lb. division of light heavyweights. Across the entire UFC, the percentage of fights finishing by a decision is 51.05%, a significant factor for overall fight length.

How do most UFC fights end? ›

In modern MMA, a finish is more likely to come by strikes via TKO, KO or doctor's stoppage.

How much are UFC tickets? ›

UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship ticket prices for currently scheduled events are starting as low as $192.00 with the most expensive prices ranging up to $6600.00. The average price to attend a UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship event is around $1059.33. The upcoming UFC 288: Sterling vs.

Has there ever been a draw in UFC? ›

How Many Draws in UFC History? By the end of March 2023, We've seen 50 UFC fights end in a draw, excluding time limit draws which used to occur during the organization's old days, before the introduction of the modern scoring-system.

Did UFC ever go to Russia? ›

Oleinik (also known as UFC Fight Night 136) was a mixed martial arts event produced by the Ultimate Fighting Championship held on September 15, 2018 at Olimpiyskiy Stadium in Moscow, Russia.

Is the UFC becoming the most popular sport? ›

Over the past few years, UFC has become one of the most popular sports in the world. UFC's rapid rise can be attributed to a variety of factors, such as the introduction of new fighters and events, the increased use of social media and online streaming services for promotion, and the diversity among its fans.

Who has the most main events in UFC history? ›

Most PPV Main Events
1Randy Couture18
2Anderson Silva17
3Tito Ortiz16

What was the most expensive fight in UFC history? ›

1. UFC 229: Nurmagomedov vs. McGregor: 2,400,000 PPV Buys - $180 million.

Is UFC profitable? ›

For 2022, total revenue reached US$5.27 billion, an increase of 3.75 per cent YoY, and adjusted EBITDA was US$1.16 billion. Net income was US$321.7 million for the year.

What is the biggest pay-per-view event ever? ›

June 27, 1988Mike Tyson vs. Michael Spinks1,500,000
April 19, 1991Evander Holyfield vs. George Foreman1,400,000
June 28, 1991Mike Tyson vs. Donovan Ruddock II1,250,000
August 19, 1995Mike Tyson vs. Peter McNeeley1,600,000
31 more rows

Why is UFC PPV so expensive? ›

Disney, according to the report, says the increase reflects “the value of ESPN+ and the popularity and quality of UFC events.” This would mark the fourth PPV price increase since the UFC struck a lucrative deal with ESPN, with the pay-per-view price going from $59.99 in 2019 to $79.99 in 2023.

Are UFC tickets cheaper the day of? ›

Wait It Out. We've already talked about the early bird. Another approach is to wait it out and buy tickets closer to the day of the event. If the event doesn't sell out before the day of the fight, the venue will often fire sale tickets, selling them cheaper than normal face value.

What do the 3 numbers in UFC mean? ›

They are marked as “UFC “. The number after the “UFC” refers to the chronological order of the PPV event that was held, starting at UFC 1 and going all through the UFC 248 (at the moment the article was written).

How much do UFC ring girl get paid? ›

According to, the average UFC ring girl earns between $1000 and $5000 per fight for pay-per-view events, raking up between $20,000 and $50,000 annually. However, the total income of an octagon girl can reach $1 million per year.

How much does a UFC referee make? ›

A UFC referee can earn from $500 to $2,500 per fight. This varies on their experience level, as an entry-level referee should receive a minimum pay of $500 per bout, while a veteran referee, like Herb Dean and Marc Goddard, bags a whopping $2,500 per fight.

What is Dana White's salary? ›

Dana White, UFC president, has a net worth of $500 million, largely due to his $20 million salary and investments in luxury cars, real estate, and art. Under White's leadership, UFC has transformed into a global MMA powerhouse, generating over $1 billion in annual gross revenue in 2021.

Will UFC 5 come out? ›

Rumors are circulating that EA Sports has been hiring developers for UFC 5, which is a positive sign for those waiting. Although the release date hasn't been announced, it wouldn't be impossible for the game to come out by the end of 2023.

Is UFC 5 being made? ›

UFC 5 game is being developed and will be released by the popular Video gaming company, EA (Electronic Arts).

How many 5 stars are in UFC 4? ›

Those four fighters are two-division UFC champion Amanda Nunes, UFC light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones, UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov and UFC women's flyweight champion Valentina Shevchenko. Striking, grappling and health are just some of the individual ratings that affect a fighter's overall score.

Has a UFC champion ever lost by decision? ›

Bas Rutten (Heavyweight)

Rutten, the long-time Pancrase stalwart in Japan, won the title in one of the most controversial decisions in UFC history. Despite being on top for most of the bout, Kevin Randleman lost a split decision after 21 minutes in the cage.

What is the most one sided UFC decision? ›

Rich Franklin vs.

In his second title defense as UFC middleweight champion, Rich Franklin laid a beating on David Loiseau. A beating so bad it has been deemed worthy of being called the most lopsided decision in UFC history. Franklin out-landed Loiseau in total strikes by a monstrous 211-26 margin.

Has a UFC fight ever been overturned? ›

In the UFC, there have been occasions where even the finish of a match is not set in stone. The over-ruling of a fight result is nearly always due to complications with fighters' drug tests.

What do UFC fighters do after a fight? ›

It includes soft-tissue work like massage and manipulation to lessen pain so fighters can sleep. Compression recovery boots combat swelling, while a regimen of stretching, cold laser therapy and cryotherapy help heal soreness and minor injuries.

How do UFC refs know when to stop a fight? ›

The referee stops it when a contestant is in imminent danger, and the risk to that person is greater than the risk of being wrong about it, or annoying the spectators, who in the main just want to see the contestant flattened.

What happens if you lose 3 UFC fights in a row? ›

It comes down to either being in or out. If you lose three in a row, you're out. If you don't, you're in.

Do UFC events sell out? ›

UFC president Dana White called it "one of the fastest sell outs in UFC history." He was referring to a historical event, in which the promotion will welcome a full house of fans back to live fights, as UFC 261 sold out in minutes.

Is it worth going to a UFC event? ›

If you are a huge fan of the UFC then absolutely because it's an authentic experience that is totally different from just simply watching it on your tv screen.

Do you have to pay for UFC fights? ›

UFC's exciting Pay-Per-View events are available as a separate purchase with 24 hour access. These events are separate from UFC FIGHT PASS subscription depending on your region.

Do they bleed on UFC 4? ›

Repeated strikes can cause opponents to bleed from cuts, resulting in bloodstains on the mat and/or bodies.

What happens if you bet on a fight and it's a no contest? ›

In the event a fight ends in a “No Contest”, all bets void unless settlement has already been determined. If a fighter withdraws or the referee stops the fight between rounds, the fight will be deemed to have finished in the previous round.

Why was UFC 183 overturned? ›

Silva took the fight with a pair of 50-45 scores and a 49-46 to snap a two-fight skid of title fight losses to Weidman. But it didn't stay a win on the books for long. Both Silva and Diaz, it was announced a few days later, failed drug tests. The fight was flipped to a no contest.

Why was UFC not in New York? ›

In February 1997, Governor George Pataki signed into law a bill that banned MMA in the state. This resulted in the UFC 12 event being moved from its originally scheduled location of Buffalo, New York, to Dothan, Alabama.

Why are Russians so good at UFC? ›

Russia's absolute edge is lower but higher than other nations. In sum, the 'Russian Edge' I first identified survives a more rigorous analysis. Russian fighters win 60% of all international UFC fights, this advantage is driven by lighter fighters and is most present in fights decided by unanimous decision.

Are there any ex military in the UFC? ›

Timothy Fred Kennedy (born September 1, 1979) is an American soldier and retired mixed martial artist. A professional from 2001 until 2016, he has fought in the UFC, Strikeforce, the WEC, ShoMMA, HDNet Fights, and represented the Chicago Red Bears in the IFL.

Is UFC more popular than NFL? ›

While many questioned White's statement, it still holds true. While the NFL is bigger in the U.S., it doesn't compare to the popularity the UFC delivers worldwide. Ever since Zuffa LLC, headquartered in Las Vegas, purchased the UFC in 2001, worldwide expansion has always been a part of their master plan.

Is MMA still the fastest growing sport? ›

Since its emergence in the early nineties, mixed martial arts (MMA) has been billed as the world's fastest-growing sport.

Is UFC the fastest growing sport in the world? ›

Mixed martial arts (MMA) is one of the most popular, and fastest-growing, sports in the world. A new study has shown it is making huge strides financially as well.

Who has taken the most punches in UFC history? ›

As of March 2022, Max Holloway holds the record for most strikes landed, meaning he managed to hit his opponent, throughout the entire UFC with 3056 landed strikes.

Who is one of the greatest fighter in UFC history? ›

The best UFC fighters of all time ranked
  • Stipe Miocic (20-4; 15 knockouts/TKOs, 5 decisions)
  • Jon Jones (27-1, 1 No Contest; 10 KO/TKOs, 7 submissions, 10 decisions)
  • Anderson Silva (34-11, 1 NC; 23 KO/TKOs, 3 submissions, 8 decisions)
  • Georges St-Pierre (26-2; 8 KO/TKOs, 6 submissions, 12 decisions)
Apr 19, 2023

What was the worst main event in UFC history? ›

UFC 33 is commonly pointed to as one of the worst in UFC history, failing to captivate the new pay-per-view audience due to the large number of decisions on the card – UFC 33 was in fact the first event where all main card fights went to a decision.

How often are UFC games made? ›

Seeing as how EA has released a new UFC game every two years since EA Sports UFC 2014, it wouldn't be too far fetched to expect the new MMA simulation title to drop in the summer of 2023.

How long is UFC career? ›

Short Careers

For all sorts of reasons, professionals in the UFC rarely last longer than two years. If you're lucky enough to avoid serious injury that long, you might make it to the three or four-year mark. And because it's primarily a game of young men, most UFC pros are veterans by the ripe old age of 30.

How many fights are there in UFC before the main event? ›

Most cards feature four three-round contests and one five-round main event.

Is UFC the fastest growing sport? ›

Mixed martial arts (MMA) is one of the most popular, and fastest-growing, sports in the world. A new study has shown it is making huge strides financially as well.

How long would it take to watch every UFC fight? ›

The average UFC broadcast lasts 6 hours and 12 minutes

You could binge the entire Star Wars trilogy in the time it takes to watch some UFC broadcasts. UFC broadcasts are a marathon. Every single category of UFC broadcast, whether it's a Fight Night, PPV event, or FOX special, has an average runtime of over 6 hours.

How popular is UFC sport? ›

Over the past few years, UFC has become one of the most popular sports in the world. UFC's rapid rise can be attributed to a variety of factors, such as the introduction of new fighters and events, the increased use of social media and online streaming services for promotion, and the diversity among its fans.

What is the average salary for UFC fighters? ›

The fighters usually sign a contract for a certain amount of fights for a fixed amount of money each time they step inside the Octagon. The three tiers are low, medium, and high, with the lowest earning between $10,000 and $30,000 and the highest Tier ranking between $500,000 and $3,000,000 per fight.

How many years does it take to train for UFC? ›

It takes exceptional fighting skills to get into the UFC. It will take at least 5-6 years to get into UFC if you are already into any combat sport. But if you are a beginner, you have to learn, train, compete and master at least one martial art to become eligible for UFC.

Who has the longest career in UFC history? ›

Ed Herman – UFC Debut June 24, 2006

“Short Fuse” has been in UFC for an amazing 6,139 days – that's the longest consecutive tenure for any current UFC athlete. Herman came onto the UFC scene thanks to his performance on The Ultimate Fighter season 3 and he's been around ever since.

Has there ever been 3 title fights in UFC? ›

UFC 217 is the best PPV card that featured three title fights. It is also the only card where all three champions lost their belts. Rose Namajunas ended Joanna Jędrzejczyk's dominant title run by knocking her out in the first round.

When did Dana White buy UFC? ›

In 2001, the Fertitta brothers and White purchased the UFC for $2m and formed Zuffa LLC, a sports promotion company specialising in MMA to coincide with the purchase.


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