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Atlantica Online Housing Guide by DemonSkye

The new housing system has finally been implemented, you can read more about the absolute basics of homes, how they work, and how to buy them right here:;_seq=1620

This guide will be aimed at people who own homes, but don’t yet understand how to use them fully, and people considering buying a home, but aren’t sure if it’s worth it yet.

1. Setting up your home: When you buy your home you have 7 pieces of furniture to start with, they are basically cardboard boxes, and just… well. crap. Killer bed, eh?

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As you gain insight, you are able to use new, better furniture. Better furniture will give your house more comfort and culture, and give you much more insight when viewed

2. Insight: Items that provide more culture / comfort require a higher level of insight, but getting insight can be a little tricky. At present I’ve found 2 ways to gain insight. You will need to see the insight trainer to get the skill at the My Home Bazzar before getting ANY insight. The ways to get insight are as follows:


A. Go to community > Home directory > click the insight tab

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After clicking someone’s house click the button- visit selected home. Talk to their butler and ask “Which item has applied insight?”

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After doing so, a list of items that have insight available to you will pop up and look like this:

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Go into the home, and right click on any of those items and select view, and the following window will pop up:

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(Video) Atlantica Online My Home

Hit confirm, and you will use your ‘MyHome’ points to search for insight. Each time you look at an item it will cost you 1 insight.

The other way to collect insight is a little less reliable.

Every hour random houses are ‘blessed’ with insight. If your house gets insight and someone collects insight from your home while you’re online, you will gain insight as well.

Facilities (mine, lumber, herb garden, and farm) are available on the market for 10m (fixed price). You can only use one of these in your home, so there is no need to buy more than one. Once you install you facility it will appear in your front yard, right clicking on your facility brings up two menu options: Use, and manage.

Use will use the facility to get the items that it yields (I know herb garden starts off with mint). For each time the facility is used, it gains experience. As you can see my garden is level 5, which took quite a few people using it. As the facility continues to level the yield will increase.

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A sidenote about facility levels. Facilities do NOT level themselves up. They will be like craft skills (104/42 for example). The only way to level up your facility is to click manage on the management screen. In the case of the herb garden the manage options have cooldowns of 10 minutes for the top one, and 1 hour for the bottom one. (these restore the yield of your garden). The yield of your garden is determined not only by the level of your garden, but by the level of your skill!!! So if you go to a level 100 garden with level 1 herbing skill, you will only use it as though it was a level 1 garden, what a waste!

It appears as though facilities get a visual makeover at level 25, it is assumed that quality items begin at 25. If that is true we can then extrapolate that rare would be 50, and the final tier of items would be 75+.

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Facility level:
1-10 depletes at the rate of .1% yield each attempt.
11-20 depletes at a rate of .2% yield each attempt.
21-30 depletes at a rate of .4% yield each attempt.
–More will be added on this soon.

At present it seems as though you can store 3 mercs in your home (indefinitely?). Better yet, every 2 hours, they ask for a gift. Gifts are USUALLY elements, but seem to be atlas ore fragments every now and again also.

To see if your merc wants a gift, go to your home, run up to him, and talk to him. The following menu will pop up:

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When you select the option “Is there anything you need” the menu will change to a request, in this case, my level 100 Hwrang is asking me for 50 Earth elements!!! On my server this comes out to about 1.25m or so. I happened to have about 9000 of them, so I decided what the hell.

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And this is the result:

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(Video) House Intro for Atlantica Online

Remember, you can do this every 2 hours!!!!

Furniture Guide by EternalShadow

*Numbers listed below are both the required craft level and the required insight level; they are the same.
*Most items have at least two other versions. Crafting the item results in a random version (weighted towards the listed item).
*It is possible that some items which share levels are actually separate crafts. They are not listed here.

Required Facility Materials by Item Level
01-29: Mint, Magnetite, Ginkgo Wood, Brown Rice
30-59: Quality …
60-79: Rare …
80-na: Precious …

Required Skill & Facility Levels to Gather Materials
Unknown (possibly same as above).

01 White Provence Shelf
03 White Provence Tea Table
05 White Provence Chair
07 White Provence Side Table
09 White Provence Desk
11 White Provence Bed
13 White Provence Bookcase
15 White Provence Sofa
17 White Provence Dinner Table
19 White Provence Cabinet
21 White Provence Armoire
23 White Provence Pantry
25 White Provence Hutch
27 Brown Bed
29 Brown Sofa
30 Dobermann Desk
31 Blue Vintage Armchair
32 Blue Book-Shaped Shelf
33 Ivory Vintage Stool
34 Pink Picnic Table
35 Blue Vintage Sofa
36 Basic Yin-Yang Bookcase
37 Blue Vintage Bed
38 A-Shaped Chair
39 Blue Vintage Nightstand
40 A-Shaped Desk
41 Blue Vintage Tea Table
42 Tangerine Dinner Table
43 Blue Antique Shelf
44 Risky Tetromino Armoire
44 Fluorescent Blue Jelly Sofa
45 Blue Antique Tea Table
46 Rectangular Vacation Bed
47 Blue Antique Chair
48 Long Bench Shelf
49 Blue Antique Desk
50 Green House Bookcase
51 Blue Antique Side Table
52 White Clover Dinner Table
53 Blue Antique Bed
55 Blue Antique Bookcase
57 Blue Antique Sofa
59 Blue Antique Dinner Table
61 Blue Antique Cabinet
63 Blue Antique Armoire
65 Blue Antique Pantry
67 Blue Antique Hutch
69 Birch Traditional Shelf
71 Brown Traditional Tea Table
73 Brown Traditional Chair
75 Brown Traditional Desk
77 Brown Traditional Armchair
79 Brown Traditional Side Table
81 Brown Traditional Stool
83 Brown Traditional Bed
85 Brown Traditional Bookcase
87 Brown Traditional Sofa
89 Brown Traditional Dinner Table
91 Brown Traditional Cabinet
93 Brown Traditional Armoire
95 Brown Traditional Pantry
97 Brown Traditional Hutch

01 Green Decorative Curtain
03 Yellow Floral Curtain
05 Ivory D****s
07 Blue Silk Curtain
09 Large Pink Bunny Doll
11 Plain Still-Life
13 Picture of Fruit
15 Picture of a Loyal Dog
17 Large Red Lantern
19 Brown Elephant Bush
21 Small Spotted Rug
23 White Mini Lamp
25 White Daisy Vase
27 Pink-Beige Rabbit Dolls
29 Small Red Lantern
31 Dotted Round Rug
33 Beige Floral Square Rug
35 Large White Floor Lamp
37 Black Traditional Floor Lamp
38 Brown Dachshund Doll
39 Purple Desk Lamp
41 Brown Traditional Lantern
43 Picture of the Four Friends
45 Brown Teddy Bear
47 Large Brown Goldcrest
48 Cute Monkey Doll
49 Small Brown Goldcrest
51 Novel
52 Yellow Giraffe Doll
53 Vanilla Muffin Platter
55 Green Bobbing Plant
57 Large Red Poinsettia
59 Small Red Poinsettia
61 Brown Broadleaf Tree
63 White Mini Herbs
65 White Desk Lamp
67 Blue Checkered Mini Vase
69 Sage Acong Doll
71 Yellow Doll Lamp
73 Green Herb Plant
75 Small Green Herb Plant
77 Hero’s Portrait
79 Heroine’s Portrait
81 Yellow Bear Flowerpot
83 Yellow Dancing Acong
85 Gray Marble Fireplace
87 Brown Vintage LP Player
89 Basic Tropical Aquarium
91 White Bird Cage
93 White Antique Wall Clock
95 Brown Marble Wall Fountain
97 Yellow Music Jewelry Box

01 Green Simple Wallpaper
03 Emerald Wave Wallpaper
05 Auburn Parquet Floor
07 Peach Stripe Wallpaper
09 Blue Natural Wallpaper
11 Blue Rectangle Floor
13 Ivory Classic Wallpaper
15 Green Wainscot Wallpaper
17 Blue Checkered Floor
19 Brown Camouflage Wallpaper
21 Blue Noblesse Wallpaper
23 Green Rug Floor
25 Yellow Knotted Wallpaper
27 Red Avant-garde Wallpaper
29 Light Wooden Floor
31 Pink Framed Wallpaper
33 Yellow Petal Wallpaper
35 Brown Hardwood Floor
37 Aquamarine Flower Wallpaper
39 Brown Ethnic Wallpaper
41 Black Carpet Floor
43 Brown Wood Wallpaper
45 Pink Floral Wallpaper
47 Ocean Noble Floor
49 Brown Brick Wallpaper
51 Black Zebra Wallpaper
53 Blue Simple Floor
55 Chic Silver Wallpaper
57 Yellow Patchwork Wallpaper
59 Dark Granite Floor
61 Brown Grated Wallpaper
63 Classy Yellow Wallpaper
65 Gray Fabric Floor
67 Gray Atlantica Wallpaper
69 Scarlet Crosshatch Wallpaper
71 Brown Linoleum Floor
73 Brown Crosshatch Wallpaper
75 Blue Crosshatch Wallpaper
77 Red Tile Floor
79 Vivid Dalmatian Wallpaper
81 Gray Veneer Wallpaper
83 Green Tile Floor
85 Purple Noble Wallpaper
87 Light Sky Wallpaper
89 Green Forest Floor
91 Blue Night Wallpaper
93 Brown Earthen Wallpaper
95 Brown Marble Floor
97 Green Forest Wallpaper

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